Why You Should Wax With Honeypot


Why You Should Wax With Honeypot

Why you should wax with Honeypot?

Hello lovelies! It's me, Kitty, here again. This time I want to tell you more about Honeypot and what makes us so special. There are many wax salons in town so it can be hard to choose and getting your wax at a new salon (whether you are a wax virgin or veteran) can be quite unnerving, here is a round-up of key pointers for you to consider before you make your first waxing appointment.

Knowledgeable & Friendly Waxing Specialists

A lot goes into waxing and you need to go to the professionals. All our kitties @Honeypot are waxing specialists, all professionally trained with at least 8 weeks under their belt, put through a series of intensive tests before they can go on to plough the field, and all dedicated to provide the ultimate waxing experience. What's more, our helpful kitties are well versed in waxing and are always available to advise on pre and post waxing care to solve any of your hairy problems, ensuring you are enjoying a warm, friendly, and fun experience.

Our one and only In-House Wax + Complementary Waxing Technique

We cannot stress enough how important the quality of wax is and the right waxing technique that works with that wax. With over 15 years of waxing experience over the Asia-Pacific region, Honeypot has developed our own wax and complementing waxing techniques that deliver a quick and almost pain free wax with flawless result every time. Our unique blend of premium in-house wax has been concocted by certified Australian chemists, made up of only natural ingredients and strictly no animal testing. We have also perfected our waxing technique over the years to lift off entire strand of hair from its roots with the slightest harm to the skin, ensuring damage to the hair follicle (hence new hair will be thin, brittle and weak) with the ideal exfoliation effect on your skin, leaving your skin silky smooth to allow better absorption of skincare products.

Waxing Services and More

You want a place that offers the full suite of waxing services and more. @Honeypot, we remove all unwanted hair from forehead to toes, including everything in between, and of course, the Brazilian wax is our specialty and there are different types which we will go into in later blogs. We welcome and wax everyone (including men). We also offer other hair removal solutions such as IPL and laser hair removal and our kitties can weigh up and tailor a solution most suitable for you. We’re also your skincare/beauty experts, here to offer you the most advanced, effective and result-oriented beauty treatments, whether you have acne-prone, aging or dull skin.

Clean, Cozy and Comfortable

The last thing you want is to go into a dark wax room with a stiff therapist who barely engages you while receiving a painful wax. Honeypot is set in a bright, modern and comfortable setting, fully equipped with state of the art technologies and upholding the best-in-practice sanitary standards. Hygiene is our NO. 1 priority, so double-dipping is strictly prohibited. Your comfort level is equally important to us, so we ensure you are always in your most comfortable position - whether you are first-timer, pregnant, injured or have special needs. We love waxing and we love talking about waxing and answering your questions and there is nothing we love more than to set out guests at ease, all the while delivering a pampering treatment accompanied by top-notch services.

All of the above have contributed to how Honeypot has nailed its craft to bring the "crème de la crème" waxing experience (a.k.a. the Honeypot Experience) to all our guests. The Honeypot Experience has won us many awards and returning guests throughout our history, allowing us to rapidly expand with boutiques in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Mongolia in addition to our 2 boutiques in Hong Kong.

We cannot wait to share with you the Honeypot Experience! Honeypot's mission is to exceed your expectations and guarantee you results and this is our commitment to YOU and what makes us unique.

Waxing is just the beginning, it is our relationship that will last and we can’t wait for it to start!

That’s all for now, lovelies!

XOXO, Kitty

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