FUZZ – the dirty F word in the beauty world. And one that award winning waxing boutique Honeypot has been passionately seeking to banish. Famed for its exceptional service as well as its own unique blend of in-house wax, Honeypot has continuously emerged victorious in this battle through its sixteen-year history in Asia.

Having perfected the art of waxing, the boutique adds Hong Kong to its battle plan and opens its doors in Central in 2014 and Causeway Bay (CWB) in 2018. With a team of experienced Honeypot Kitties at your service, expect a silky smooth finish.

Our story

It seems only like yesterday when the hair-raising idea of a waxing boutique popped into our heads. It all happened during a summer debauchery in Europe. Kitty had been frolicking in its fabulous culture for far too long and found herself a little too fuzzy down south.

Desperate times called for desperate measures so Kitty trawled the cobbled streets of Europe to get a wax job done. After searching for days, she finally found a little place but agawd! It was decked out like a stuffy clinic; its therapists had not a smile on their face, were rough and barked orders at Kitty! And we know kitties don’t like barks.

But being a kitty of beauty, she braved the wax job. A few suppressed meows and a scowl later, she emerged a little hissed off but fortunately unscathed.

It was at that moment that Kitty put her paw down and said “Enough!” No other kitty would be subjected to the same unpleasantry ever again. Kitties who wax, deserve only the best – both in wax job and in service. When Kitty returned to Asia, she delved into months of research. Pile of sketches, hundreds of phone calls and some 50 wax formulas later, Kitty proudly introduced her own brand of wonderful, which we know today as Honeypot.

Honeypot [huhn-ee-pot]

Fast Forward

It has since been 16 years of hairy tales and that, has made Honeypot a very wise waxing boutique. Our humble beginnings have taught us that no fuzz is too much to fuss about.

Beautifully outfitted in Honeypot’s signature colours of black and pink, resplendent chandeliers and baroque furniture, Honeypot is a boudoir of sorts – sensual, sexy and sassy.

Dedicated to lavish you with only the best waxing experience, our team of therapists has been professionally trained. Each of them is put through a series of intensive tests before they go on to plough the field.

The Wax Job

By paying careful attention to all aspects of our work, Honeypot has redefined and perfected the art of waxing. The secret lies in our unique blend of in-house wax that has been concocted by certified chemists. Not tested on animals (God forbid we’re kitties!), waxing at Honeypot is now an almost painless experience.

Kitty also believe that indulgence for you, is a necessity. Apart from our signature Brazilian, our menu also includes a host of other waxing services – for different areas of the body. We also offer technologically advanced offerings in our laser and other beauty treatments.

Wax to Go

At Honeypot, we believe that the pampering session continues even when you leave our doorstep. A delectable range of after-care products is available on our shelves for your picking. Our team of friendly therapists will always lend a paw when it comes to addressing your post-wax needs.

It is time kitties – give it a go. We are kitties against fuzz, hear us roar!


Honeypot Kitty


Honeypot Singapore Tatler Grooming Award

Best Personal Grooming 2021
Singapore Tatler

Honeypot Singapore Tatler Grooming Award

Best Personal Grooming 2020
Singapore Tatler


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Besides experienced therapists, we also welcome suitable applicants with no experience to be part of the Honeypot family.

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